February 2019 Public Lecture

The February 2018 public lecture was held on Sunday the 25th on KGS. Similarly to last time, we got a big audience – thanks to everybody for participating!

The content of the lecture has again been cleaned up for easy reviewing.

Note that the deadline for registration for Season 2 is 28 February. If you are planning to participate, please register soon!


Download SGF


Registration for Season 2 closes on February 28

The unexpectedly popular Season 1 is gradually turning to its end, and we at the Nordic Go Dojo are getting ready for Season 2 of 2019. If you would like to join, please register by February 28!

Today at 13:00 EET (Helsinki time), a public lecture is held on KGS in order to promote the upcoming Season 2. After the lecture, a cleaned-up sgf file will be uploaded on this page, similarly as with Season 1.

Hardcover Version of Invisible on Sale

This February the Hebsacker Verlag is running a sale on the hardcover version of Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo. If you didn’t buy the book yet and are interested, this is a great opportunity to grab a long-lasting copy!

Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo gathers in one place with professional commentary all the games AlphaGo played against human players. For anyone wanting insight on the newest developments in go theory, there is no better place to start!