Online Dojo

The Nordic Go Dojo is an online go school that runs on the KGS Go Server. By enrolling, you get to play online league games with other participants, and every game is reviewed offline by one of our experienced teachers. Additionally, there are two lectures on various topics each month, and Jeff, our head coach, gives personal feedback on how the participants’ studies are progressing.

Our school is aimed at players between 10-kyu and 6-dan level, and the league games are played against other students of similar level.

One participation lasts for two months, and there are two intensity options to choose from:

  • Full program (90€) – 8 games, 4 lectures, and coaching by Jeff

  • Half program (50€) – 4 games and 4 lectures

The Nordic Go Dojo was created for go enthusiasts who want to study the game but have limited time to do so. We guarantee that there is no more cost-efficient way of getting personal professional-level go tutoring!

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