Nordic Go Dojo is run by one professional player and two strong amateurs. If you would like to contact one of our teachers, please send email to nordicgodojo@gmail.com.

Antti Törmänen

1-dan professional at the Japan Go Association

Antti has been teaching go since 2009, and has done more than 1,500 game reviews for the Nordic Go Academy.

In 2017 he published his first go book, Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo, which became an instant hit, selling over 1,000 copies in a year.

He currently resides in Japan, where he is concentrating on his professional tournament career.

Su Yang (‘Jeff’)

6-dan amateur at the European Go Federation

Jeff studied go in China since he was 8 years old, and has now been teaching it for almost 20 years.

The two other Nordic Go Dojo teachers, Antti and Lukas, both used to receive teaching from him. Before he retires, Jeff hopes to foster at least two more students to become professional players.

Lukas Podpera

7-dan  amateur at the European Go Federation

Lukas has been studying go since his childhood, and started teaching it in 2015.

He has many times traveled to Asia to study go, and recently became one of the top players in Europe. In the close future, he endeavors to become an EGF professional.

Matias Pankoke

5-dan  amateur at the European Go Federation

Matias has been playing go since he was twelve years old, and he has studied the game in China and Korea.

He is currently working together with Jeff as his coach to climb his way up to become a European top player, and has just started his teaching career.