‘Rational Endgame’ Published

The Hebsacker Verlag is now accepting orders of Antti‘s second book, ‘Rational ‘Endgame’! The cover blurb of the book reads:

‘To study the endgame of go is to study how to count territories and the values of moves. No matter what kind of a style a player has, finally the game comes down to counting territories. Therefore, knowing how to count correctly is important for every go player.’

Rational Endgame explains the fundamentals of modern endgame theory in an easily understandable form. Along the explanations, exercises are provided so that the reader can apply what they have learned in practise.

This book is aimed at players of all levels. Novice players will find that many endgame principles they learn also apply to other parts of the game, improving their skills as a whole; and advanced players will be able to deepen and better articulate what they have previously learned.

Order your copy of the book here! For those interested, there is also a hardcover version available.

February 2019 Public Lecture

The February 2018 public lecture was held on Sunday the 25th on KGS. Similarly to last time, we got a big audience – thanks to everybody for participating!

The content of the lecture has again been cleaned up for easy reviewing.

Note that the deadline for registration for Season 2 is 28 February. If you are planning to participate, please register soon!


Download SGF


Registration for Season 2 closes on February 28

The unexpectedly popular Season 1 is gradually turning to its end, and we at the Nordic Go Dojo are getting ready for Season 2 of 2019. If you would like to join, please register by February 28!

Today at 13:00 EET (Helsinki time), a public lecture is held on KGS in order to promote the upcoming Season 2. After the lecture, a cleaned-up sgf file will be uploaded on this page, similarly as with Season 1.

Hardcover Version of Invisible on Sale

This February the Hebsacker Verlag is running a sale on the hardcover version of Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo. If you didn’t buy the book yet and are interested, this is a great opportunity to grab a long-lasting copy!

Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo gathers in one place with professional commentary all the games AlphaGo played against human players. For anyone wanting insight on the newest developments in go theory, there is no better place to start!

December 2018 Public Lecture

The December 2018 public lecture was held on Saturday the 29th on KGS. The content of the lecture has been cleaned up for easy reviewing below.

The deadline for registration for the January–February league is 31 December, so there is still time to enroll! Also note that there is a 20% introductory discount.


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Announcement: Nordic Go Dojo starts in January 2019!

We are pleased to inform you that Nordic Go Dojo, the spiritual successor of Nordic Go Academy, will start its online league in January 2019! We are continuing the same concept that made NGA popular: league games are reviewed offline by our teachers, and in addition we hold lectures and our head coach, Jeff, provides personal feedback to the students on their progress.

Ever since strong go-playing AI became accessible to everybody, there has been a revolution in how the game is studied. Anybody who has a moderately well-equipped computer can now install the latest version of Leela Zero and have a professional-level sparring partner and research tool. In the future, similarly to chess, the world champion of go will likely be a player that has studied with AI for the most of their career.

We see AI as a valuable tool, but also put value on human decision-making and planning. We believe that the best teachers are still human: while the AI may play stronger moves, it is unable to explain why it plays them. That is why we endeavor to create a learning environment where go enthusiasts can study the game and discuss the newest pattern developments together while at the same time getting directions from our experienced teachers.

Here are the specifics of our program in a nutshell:

  • Online league format – one registration spans two months
  • Two intensity options:
    • Full option (90€) – eight games reviewed, four lectures and personal coaching
    • Half option (50€) – four games reviewed and four lectures
  • Runs on the KGS Go Server
  • League games are played with players of similar level, and the league rankings are adjusted bimonthly according to results. All games are reviewed!

The first season of our online league has an introductory price with a 20% discount! If you are interested, why not give it a go?

Antti Törmänen, 1-dan professional – Lectures and reviews
Su Yang (Jeff), 6-dan – Lectures, reviews and coaching
Lukas Podpera, 7-dan – Reviews